Personal Training Education

Flexibility for how you learn
Full Time Diploma5 Courses, 14 weeks, 300hrs of instruction

Our most comprehensive program is a 5-course offering that takes 12 to 14 weeks to complete and includes 300 hours of instructor led, hands-on learning.

In this program you will learn about basic anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise analysis, exercise safety, nutrition and the fundamental principles of cardiovascular conditioning as well as strength and flexibility.

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Personalized Fast-Track3 Courses, 34 Hours, 100% flexibility

Infofit's 3 course program includes 34 hours of one-on-one instruction with one of our master instructors.

Perfect for those individuals whose schedules change weekly and need a program that can accommodate these changes.

Personalized Fast-Track students are also welcome to attend any, or all of the Fast-Track Weekend courses at no extra charge.

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Fast Track Weekends/Evenings3 Courses, 6 weekends or 12 evenings, 84hrs of instruction

Our 3 course program that can be taken over 6 weekends, or over 12 weeks on Monday and  Tuesday evenings.

This program includes 84 hours of in class instruction. The classes are very hands-on, highly interactive and are taught in the gym and classroom. You will be engaged by our visual, auditory and experiential teaching methods.

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Home Study3 Courses, 4hrs of Skype tutoring

A 3 course program that you complete in the comfort of your own home, at a pace you set, based on your unique needs.

It includes 4, one hour Skype tutoring sessions to help you through the learning process.

If you feel you would benefit more from  in-class training, you may transfer to another program within 12 months.

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