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Muscle Loss & Ceramide

Can exercise halt muscle loss in elderly

Fat Tissue Takes Up Residence In Muscle

As we age, fat tissue takes up residence in muscle. Some of that fat can be particularly harmful. A study conducted at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center for Aging, learned that build up of a certain fat molecule, known as ceramide,  might play a leading role in muscle deterioration otherwise known as sacropenia in older adults.

Can Exercise Halt Muscle Loss?

The study had 9 men in their early 20’s and 10 men in their mid 70’s. Neither groups were over weight or had exercised for 6 months. The scientists took muscle biopsies before and after the volunteers performed a round of leg exercises. The goal was to examine how the workout affected muscle growth.

The results showed 2 variations of the molecules ceramide. They were found to be higher in older men. That increased storage of ceramide aggravated by the presence of saturated fat, contributes in weakening the anabolic signals that responds to resistance training. This anabolic signal helps with the development of new muscle.

Older adults can maintain and build new muscle

The deterioration of muscle and strength decline begins near the age of 50 and appears to be the contributing factor to poor mobility in people near the age of 80.  Many studies suggest that even with limited exercise older adults can halt muscle loss, maintain and build new muscle. Specific exercises and dietary solutions are yet to be scientifically determined.

Stay Physically Fit!

Staying physically fit, and following your safe exercise from your fitness professional, can only benefit aging muscle and halt muscle loss, says ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Andre Noel Potvin.

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