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Article by Infofit

Mind Blowing Muscle Workout with Kaatsu Training

Research shows occlusion training, although extremely difficult, has benefit for both strength and hypertrophy gains.

Kaatsu Training

Imagine that you could get a total-body, maxed-out muscle workout, the kind that sweat-soaked, heavy weights pushing to failure and running miles of trail, all in less than 30 minutes, without any typical muscle soreness?

And to top all that, imagine that this workout not only adds lean muscle mass, but also significantly increase endurance and strength, while reducing body fat, all in a matter of a few weeks?

Kaatsu Training Founded in Japan

Founded in Japan, this revolutionary new training system ‘Kaatsu Training’ have been tested, proven and adopted by the US Olympic team and US Military.

Kaatsu training or in medical terms known as occlusion training, involves a pressure cuff to the proximal portion of your limbs while preforming a low intensity exercise session. The device known as a pneumatic tourniquet, is designed to obstruct blood flow (Blood Flow Restriction, or BFR ) to target muscle groups and portions of your limbs.

Proven to be far more effective than standard resistance training over an extremely short period of time, this proven method can increase muscle hypertrophy significantly. In fact, scientists’ cite that 2 weeks of Kaatsu training will achieve far more muscle mass than 5 weeks of standard resistance training.

In a very short amount of time, get a killer workout and increase your performance, with very light exercise. It basically messages to your brain that hard training was performed and needs recovery and adaptation. That brain signal causes a hormonal response that creates blood vessels to grow and dramatic muscle growth with very little muscle fiber damage.

If done correctly, Kaatsu or occlusion training is considered very safe and very effective for strength and conditioning by essentially tricking your brain into believing that you completed a massive muscle workout, and tells the pituitary gland to release growth hormones. When done incorrectly, dangers can happen while lifting super heavy weights and / or have the bands left on for an extended period of time, can cause blood clots and damage the muscles.