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Innovative Treadmill Exercises

Treadmill Exercises for Rehab of the Hip

Ask the Expert – Andre Noel Potvin

Treadmill Exercises for Rehab of the Hip

The Walk Around the Clock technique is excellent for strengthening the hip, knee, ankle and lower back from many different angles.

When working with clients on new treadmill exercises, the first thing to do is to teach them how to use the treadmill safely and correctly.  Once they feel comfortable walking on the treadmill at a speed between 3.0-4.0mph, the next step is to show them inventive ways to use it. Learn about an innovative way to rehabilitate the hip and the knee on the treadmill with Andre Noel Potvin.

Walk Around the Clock

Start the treadmill at 1 mile per hour and have your client walk forward initially.  Once she feels comfortable, have your client turn to the 11 o’clock position and continue to step forward.  Your client will need to shuffle her feet side-to-side for 10-30 seconds, and then come back to centre. After returning to the centre have her turn and shuffle side to side to the 1 o’clock position. Initially, this may be all they can achieve during their first attempt.

The next stage of this movement pattern is to have your client start to move through the numbers on the clock. Start again at 12 o’clock, then turn to 11 o’clock for 30-seconds, next to 10 o’clock and finally to 9 o’clock.  Shuffling slowly through this movement pattern ensures your client’s safety, while stimulating her balance. Have her return slowly to the centre, then move through the secondary pattern of 1 clock, 2 o’clock and finally 3 o’clock, then return through those numbers back to centre.

Once you feel your client has mastered the top of the clock, then have her start to move through the full clock, going clockwise first. Perform 8 steps before turning to the next number.

Treadmill Exercises Described

The next level of difficulty would be to have your client walk on her toes with knees locked and move around the clock in the same pattern. The shuffle will become increasingly more difficult which is why it is so important to maintain the speed at 1 mile per hour. It may take them several attempts to be able to make it through the entire circle, especially since this will fatigue the calves quickly.

The final challenge of this treadmill exercises routine will be the hardest pattern for the hip, knees and ankle. During this last pattern, your client is to walk on her heels.  Initially, she will need to hold on to the handle until she becomes comfortable, and then have her start to move through the clock numbers again.

Andre Noel Potvin is a fitness educator and exercise rehabilitation specialist with 30 years of leadership experience and 20 years of specialization in clinical exercise and post-injury rehabilitation.

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