Are you thinking of going back to school to become a certified personal trainer?

Are you thinking of going back to school to become a certified personal trainer? Are you feeling a little scared? We at Infofit understand how you feel. Many of our adult students have expressed their fear of returning to school. What we have done to overcome this fear is implement 4 adult learning strategies into our student friendly lessons to help students feel comfortable about the learning process. These strategies focus on four learner types:

  • Visual-These individuals learn by watching.
  • Auditory-These individuals learn by listening.
  • Kinesthetic- These individuals learn by doing.
  • Cognitive-These individuals want to process and think about what they have been taught.

Infofit School for Personal Trainers

Most people learn through a combination of more than just one of these methods. At our School for Personal Trainers we have a very dynamic and activity based teaching style that caters to all four types of learners. Our personal trainer certification courses are taught with our innovative learning techniques. The classes are very hands-on and interactive engaging all four learner types. We have found this approach provides our students with the opportunity to explore all their learning styles and excel in school.  In the video below, watch how one of our instructors uses the Bone Dance to help our students remember the names of the bones in the lower half of the body.

Personal trainer certification courses

If you are looking for an innovative and powerful learning experience that will help you become a elite certified personal trainer, then contact us now and let us help you take a quantum leap in learning!