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Article by Infofit

Increased Metabolic Rate With Shorter Workouts

The food we eat is causing us to starve!

Eating to Change Your Metabolism

A recent study from the University of Copenhagen learned that 60-minute workouts led to roughly the same amount of weight loss as 30-minute workouts, even though participants burned less calories during the shorter workout session. The research suggested that longer workouts provides very little additional benefit to weight-loss, since the efficient body will compensate for those extra minutes spent exercising.

When training and dieting for weight-loss, our bodies compensate for those missing calories by lowering metabolic rate and increased hunger. When it comes to an effective moderation of weight-loss, it is recommended to include a certified personal trainer to optimize training levels, keeping energy and caloric burn high.

Understanding how to keep your cells healthy, means you can unlock the secret of health and wellness. Our health determined by how easily cells receive nutrients

How Cells Get Fed

Our cells are fed by the nutrients we eat. Nutrients need to pass easily into our cells for them to be healthy.

How Insulin Helps our Metabolic Rate

Insulin is critical in that it allows nutrient to pass into the cells. This can be easily, or the cell membrane can be blocked. If the cell membrane is blocked, the cell starves. In a healthy cell, those nutrients easily pass, but if they cannot easily pass, they are then stored as fat.

Trans Fats Are Very Bad!

Trans fats are unhealthy and they harden the outer shell of cells. Once this shell is hardened, nutrients cannot enter the cell and the cell starves. So even if you are feeding yourself, if you are eating trans fats, your cells are starving.

Start of Diabetes Type ll

The food we eat is causing us to starve!

Trans Fats are Bad for Our Metabolism and Metabolic Rate.

Keys to healthy metabolism:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Feed your cells health fats!

This video shares the simple science that a healthy combination of exercise with the right foods can change your metabolism.