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Article by Infofit

High Intensity Interval Indoor Cycling Training HIIT

Indoor cycling may lead to fat loss.

Indoor Cycling May Lead to Weight Loss

Talk about the sweat sessions at a spin cycle class; did you know that a typical indoor cycling class is known to burn up to 600 calories?

In general indoor cycling may lead to weight loss and improved cardiovascular fitness, as well as increased muscular definition. That said, crank up the music and bust a move, these sometimes hyper sweat sessions can set a great outcome for personal trainers or group fitness instructors and their participants in just 30 minutes.

Low Impact

For such a high-intensity interval indoor cycling training (HIIT) session, it is remarkably low with impact on the body. Do not cheat on resistance! With proper positioning and training at decently high resistance will develop beautiful toning and shaping of muscles throughout your entire body.

Benefits of Indoor Cycling Class or Spin Class

It’s highly recommended for people who are in recovery from orthopedic injuries (recommended by a physician). When done correctly, there is little stress on the hip, knee and ankle joints and many rely on an indoor cycling class to help them get back on the fitness track.

When your bike is prepared properly and you are wearing ideal footwear,  there is little concern leaving an indoor cycling training session with knee pain or sore and stiff hip joints. The circular movement allows for proper extension and flexion while avoiding the jarring that is often brought on by running and other group fitness activities such as boot camp.

For newcomers, it is best to arrive at an indoor cycling training session 15 minutes early and to ask the instructor for help adjusting your bike if you’re unsure. Let your instructor know if you are recovering from any injuries; they can help you modify your movements when needed.

In addition to the above, the benefits of indoor cycling class or spin class, when combined with an open mind, will allow your to experience a workout that will boost your efficiency and sure to amp up your endurance, in all about 30 minutes. Get ready for take off.

Michelle Portalatin, a certified strength, running, and triathlon coach shares the below interval cycling workout that can be done anytime.