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Glute Strengthening – Enhancing the Glute Medius Muscle

The Robot Walk is a great exercise for strengthening the Gluteus Medius muscle and the lateral aspect of the knee.

Ask the Expert – Andre Noel Potvin

The Robot Walk

The Robot Walk is a great exercise for strengthening the Gluteus Medius muscle and the lateral aspect of the knee. Read the instructions below, then watch the exercise video so you can perform this powerful exercise with precision.

Start off with tubing around your ankles and ensure you have tension on it by separating the feet. Start out initially with a light tension, your legs should be about shoulder width apart. Once you have established the correct tension, shift your weight onto one foot and raise your other leg sideways in the air. Pause for one second in this position, then shift to the other side. Repeat this “pendulum-like” side step for 8-12 steps.

Note: while you are shifting from side-to-side, make sure that you keep the tension on the tubing. As you improve, try to increase the tension on the tubing by widening your legs and increasing your “pause” to 2-3 seconds.

Emphasizes the Anterior and Posterior Fibers of the Glute Medius

As you improve, you can start walking forward with each step. Rotate your foot inwards. This rotation will emphasize the anterior fibers of the Glute Medius and also the hip flexors. It will also challenge your balance. When you begin to walk forward make sure that you are doing a “balance pause” with each step forward. Walk forward for 10 steps, then stop and walk backwards for another 10-steps. Rotate your foot outwards. This outward foot rotation while walking backwards will engage the posterior fibers of the glute medius.

It is important, with this exercise, to take the time to fight for the pause. The pause in the step will force the muscles to do most of the work. Focus on stretching the tubing and holding this position with each step.

Keep in mind that to achieve maximum results requires you to perform each repetition with proper form and include the “pause”.

Watch Andre performing The Robot Walk in the video below.

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