What do I need to complete for the ICE?


You will need to complete the BCRPA ICE Package, which can be found here, under Weight Training.

Form A – is your cover sheet and it has a checklist to follow so you complete and hand in all the correct forms.

Form B – you must answer all the questions on this form, when you come to do your ICE they will ask you some of these questions so be prepared to answer questions relating to this form.

Form C2 – you must complete five of these in total, 3 must be scenarios from form E and 2 must be real people, all 5 must have a program card attached with the workout written on and the 2-real people must have completed Par Q’s.

Form D – is what the evaluator marks your package on and if you look under section C & D on that form you will see what you will be marked on during the practical portion, you will demonstrate a warm up on the bike, like we have taught you in the Weight room course, and then you will teach the 9 exercises listed and one more of the evaluators choice, they are looking for you to mention all of the points listed.