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Article by Infofit

EZ Curl with Steps

Learn the fundamentals of easy curls

Functional Movement with the EZ Curl Bar

Take your training to the next level by adding in movement to simulate daily movement patterns. These type of add ins ensure we stay functional through out our lives.

Train Smarter

1. Start by using an EZ curl bar or 2 dumbbells (light/manageable weight) with a raised 
2. Fire the core muscles in order to stabilize your torso and protect your lower back
3. Take a step up and down, and then perform an arm-curl between steps
4. Step forward and back, or side to side
5. You may add simple, unique movements that mimic your moving day activities… Such as turning or moving around an object.

Before Starting Any Exercise Program

People new to exercise should always consult a physician or certified personal trainer before starting any exercise program.

André Noel Potvin is a fitness educator and rehabilitation exercise specialist with 30+ years of leadership experience and 20+years of specialization in clinical exercise and post-injury rehabilitation.