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Article by Infofit

Exercise Strategies for the Holiday Season

The holidays can mean exercise routines get put on back burner or become inconsistent. There is a way to enjoy the holidays AND still stay fit.

Creative Exercises

The holidays are usually a whirlwind of activity for many, which means workout routines inevitably get put on the back burner or at the very least, become inconsistent. This could become a major setback when the New Year arrives and you`re ready to get started again. There is, however, a way to Creative Exercisesenjoy the holidays with all it has to offer AND still stay fit.

Good News – Less is Best!

If you have been training consistently for 3-months or more, you’re in luck; you only need to exercise once every 5-7 days to maintain your fitness level. So, instead of stressing out trying to find time to exercise 3-6 times a week over the holidays, you need only find the time to train once!

Work Hard and Do Less

Perform a short 4-8 minute circuit of resistance and aerobic exercise that causes you to be out of breath. Perform one exercise below for 20-seconds, then take a 10-second rest while preparing for the next exercise.   Repeat the entire circuit two to four times for a total of four to eight minutes of intense exercise.

Sample Exercise Circuit

  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping jacks

If going away – Plan Ahead

Find out if there is a gym nearby, a walking/running trail; home equipment where you are staying or a Hotel gym. Then, create a plan to exercise at least once every 5-7 days.

Do it first thing in the day

The best chance of getting a workout done during the holidays will be first thing in the morning. So, plan at least one morning for a short workout. Remember the exercise circuit above? It can be done in your bedroom.

Organize a family “after dinner” walk

One great way of keeping things fun and healthy during the holiday season is to organize a family walk after dinner. Not only are you improving family bonds, you get to burn off some of those extra dinner calories.

Staying fit during the holiday season is now easier than ever. Implement some or all of the ideas above and enjoy the festivities guilt and worry free.

Happy Training and Holidays!

Andre Noel Potvin, MSc, BCRPA-TFL, ACSM