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Picture yourself embarking on a remarkable journey of a lifetime as you step into the thrilling role of a Personal Trainer at Sea, employed by none other than London Wellness Academy / OneSpaWorld.

With a vast presence spanning over 150 Luxury Cruise Ships, London Wellness Academy / OneSpaWorld is a true pioneer in the spa industry, setting the standard for relaxation and wellness services at sea. These magnificent cruise vessels gracefully traverse the globe, their elegant bows cutting through the azure waters of the seven seas. And the best part? When you become part of the London Wellness Academy / OneSpaWorld team, you too will be setting sail on these remarkable voyages, experiencing the world like never before!

Picture yourself offering personalized fitness and well-being sessions as a Personal Trainer at sea, all while the stunning vistas of exotic destinations unfold before you.

As a Personal Trainer at Sea with London Wellness Academy / OneSpaWorld your passion for fitness and wellness will know no bounds, as you embark on this incredible adventure. You’ll have the opportunity to transform lives, helping passengers achieve their health and fitness goals while indulging in the lavish amenities and services provided by these top-tier cruise ships.

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Travel the world whilst doing the job you love!!