Sweat22 Fitness Studio

Sweat22 Fitness Studio is looking to hire Infofit graduates for permanent part time position or/or as an External facility for you to bring your clients

Sweat 22 Fitness Studio is the premier EMS training center that brings cutting-edge Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to Yaletown. The Sweat 22 workout experience is a personalized, Bio-Hacking, full-body strength and fitness solution that allows our clients to experience the results and benefits of hours of conventional workouts, in just 22 minutes.

Sweat22 Fitness Studio is a great way for personal trainers to supplement their current training programs with their clients. By undergoing the EMS training at Sweat22, which is specifically designed for training with Miha Bodytec machines, the trainer can add to his/her versatility and overall roundedness as a fitness trainer.

EMS training is a training method that carries out effective strength training within a short period of time, activating all major muscle groups at the same time. As the most frequently cited client objectives are size and weight loss, muscle building, pain reduction, or enhanced stamina, with the correct use of EMS training by a qualified trainer, training can quickly lead to success. Thus, EMS training is results driven, measurable, and reliable.


Hourly wage for part time: 18-20$ plus commission.

External trainers will receive compensation based on the type of membership the client has purchased.

Sweat22 is searching for a limited and selective number of external trainers.

Sweat22 EMS training and Certification:

The training will be free of charge, with the provision that the potential employee commits to a year of employment. The trainer can expect to complete the training in 7 to 10 days at the maximum. Training involves both a theoretical and practical component


Send Resume and cover letter to Negar at [email protected]

Contact: Negar Amini

Email: [email protected]

website: https://www.sweat22.com/