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Article by Infofit

Double RDA of Protein Burns Fat Not Muscle When Training

Does high protein diet prevent muscle loss?

Tripling RDA of Protein Intake Had No Benefit

New scientific findings, cited by the Institute of Medicine, challenges the long-held observation that significant muscle loss is unavoidable during weight-loss. Scientists learned from this well-controlled study that doubling up the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of protein while dieting and exercising promotes fat loss. It also prevents the loss of muscle mass. Tripling protein intake had no benefit at all.  From this report, the scientists data demonstrate a flaw in the current guide lines of the RDA of protein.  Double the RDA of protein has been shown to spare muscle mass during weight loss.

sources of proteinScientists Data Demonstrate a Flaw in The Current Guidelines of the RDA of Protein

This research published in The FASEB Journal had young men and women participate for 31 days on a controlled diet that provided 3 levels of dietary protein: 1) the U.S. RDA, 2) double the U.S. RDA, and 3) triple the U.S. RDA. For 10 days the volunteers were given an adequate total calories to maintain constant body weight to allow their metabolism to adapt to the dietary protein level. For the following 3 weeks, a weight loss personal training program was introduced by increasing daily exercise and restricting the total calories sufficiently to have weight-loss average of  two-pounds per week. Measurements of muscle protein metabolism and body composition and were taken at the end of weight maintenance and weight loss phases of the study.

High Protein Diet to Prevent Muscle Loss

Although eating a well balanced diet is still necessary for health and weight maintenance, sports nutrition certified personal trainers recommend clients to increase their protein intake when training and dieting for weight-loss. This study confirms what body builders have preached for many years of a high protein diet to prevent muscle loss when trying to lose fat.