The Challenges of a Female Small Business Owner - and how to meet them

Female Business Owner, Brenley Cunningham, Shares her Successes, Obstacles and Advice


Brenley Cunningham is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Hormone Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, mom of 3, and business owner.  For the last 16 years she has followed her passion to teach all aspects of health, and facilitate a healthy environment for clients to thrive in.

Brenley believes the most integral part of a permanent behavioural and physical change is understanding wellness as an integrated system – mind, body and soul. She’s created a program for people to not only transform their body, but also their life, and their mind.

In this webinar, Brenley will discuss her path, her obstacles, and her key components to living a fulfilling life as a business owner, mom, and female in a male dominated industry. She will discuss the power of your “why” when it comes to your success and happiness.  When you define your “why” you can plan out your “how.”

Leave this webinar feeling empowered and knowing what your next steps are!

Brenley Cunningham

CEO & founder of DripFit® & LivBTR Wellness Solutions™, Brenley formerly owned and operated her own fitness studio. Certified in sports nutrition, as well as a personal trainer, health coach, rehab specialist, holistic health and diagnostic hormone specialist, and much more – her most proud accomplishment is that she is the mother of 3 beautiful children!



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