Strength & Conditioning Certification

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Strength and Conditioning Certification Course

Help any client reach peak performance

Anatomy, body composition, and the way you move affect energy and performance. The best trainers use this to their benefit.

As a certified Strength and Conditioning coach, you’ll learn exactly how to help your clients work with what they have to build unbelievable endurance, strength, power and speed.

What You’ll Learn From This Course

Strength and Conditioning Certification course is regularly updated to ensure students are getting access to all the latest in exercise and training developments.

  1. How to apply the principles of metabolism, body mechanics, and anatomy to help athletes of any level reach their optimal performance

  2. Understand the athlete anatomy and how body mechanics and structure influence energy and performance levels

  3. Learn how to communicate exercise instruction and benefits to your clients

  4. Get the tools to develop personalized fitness programs intended to increase endurance, strength, power, and speed

  5. How to apply the principles of nutrition and supplementation as they relate to each individual athlete

  6. Learn to identify the strains of over-training and how to prevent injuries

  7. How to properly perform fitness assessments and monitor an athlete’s progress and growth

  8. Learn the fundamentals of sports psychology and how to mentally prepare athletes to overcome hurdles and perform to their highest ability

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  • Basic English comprehension

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ISSA: 20

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