Size Inclusive Fitness

ACE Required Ethics Course

As a Fitness Specialist with a Size Inclusive approach, your mission is to provide guidance and support to a community that has long been overlooked. By empowering individuals with larger bodies, you will create an inclusive fitness environment where everyone feels welcomed and encouraged to embrace movement as a sustainable lifestyle choice.

Lead your clients towards improved health and foster a positive relationship with exercise through this Size Inclusive Fitness Specialist Program. Unlike other courses that focus on weight management or weight loss, this program takes a weight-neutral approach to promote long-term health outcomes in alignment with the Body Positive Movement.

We understand that tethering movement solely to weight loss goals can be discouraging for individuals with larger bodies, as caloric restriction often yields adverse outcomes and fails to promote overall wellness. That’s why this program is rooted in the “fitness over fatness” philosophy, supported by evidence-based methods that repair the often difficult relationship between larger individuals and exercise.

The comprehensive curriculum delves into the negative impacts of weight bias and the lived experiences of those with larger bodies in the fitness industry. Upon completion, you will be equipped to:

  • Recognize the vastness of the market for size-inclusive fitness and how current fitness culture often deters this audience from sustainable exercise routines.
  • Lower barriers to create a more equitable and inclusive fitness environment that promotes the health and wellness of all individuals, regardless of body size.
  • Build a successful fitness business with marketing techniques that attract and retain underserved clients, leveraging your expertise in size-inclusive fitness.

Join this Size Inclusive Fitness Specialist Program and gain the knowledge and tools to effectively support and empower individuals with larger bodies on their fitness journey. Together, let’s promote a positive and inclusive approach to movement for better health and well-being.




  • Certified Personal Trainer or Group Fitness

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