Reiki Session

60 minute in-person

What is Reiki

Reiki, originating from Japan, is an energy technique that aids in stress reduction and relaxation. It involves a form of energy and consciousness that exists naturally, and by connecting with this source, we can enhance our quality of life. Besides providing individual stress reduction benefits, Reiki contributes to the evolution of our consciousness on a broader scale. The energy of Reiki consists of various vibrations and frequencies, continually evolving to support our growth.

Reiki Holy Fire® is a combined creation of the Brothers and Sisters of Light, who are a unified council of light beings, founders of all religions, enlightened beings, and ascended masters. This form of Reiki helps to align individuals with their purpose and the Universe and is considered a powerful tool for transformation.

Moreover, Circle of Life is a recently introduced form of Reiki that assists in aligning an individual with their purpose and the Universe, aiding in personal growth and fulfillment.

What is the Most Significant Benefit of Reiki

Reiki has traditionally been utilized by most people for stress reduction, relaxation, physical and emotional healing, and comfort. However, Reiki offers more than just these benefits.

For many individuals, their authentic selves remain undiscovered, causing a blockage in the flow of essential resources required for a fulfilling life. Reiki’s most significant advantage is that it assists in revealing our authentic selves and motivates and sustains us to live our lives authentically. Discovering, accepting, and embracing our true selves is the most effective way to satisfy our genuine needs, wants, and desires.

Is Reiki a Stress Reduction Technique?

While it is true that Reiki can reduce stress, it is not merely a stress-reduction technique. In fact, referring to Reiki as a ‘technique’ would be an incomplete description of what it really is. Reiki is a complete field of knowledge and science that focuses on consciousness. It comprises several tools, techniques, resources, and methods that assist individuals in progressing on the path of evolution.

Comparing Reiki to other forms of healing, meditation, prayer, or stress reduction techniques would not be entirely accurate or appropriate. Although Reiki incorporates these elements, it is much more extensive than that. Reiki is an extensive, dynamic, vibrant, powerful, and highly effective field of consciousness that facilitates progress on the journey of evolution.



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