Reiki Energy Certification

Reiki Certification – Beginner to Master Level

Take this comprehensive Reiki course to learn Reiki starting with the very basics all the way up to the Master level (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 in one course). You will learn how to channel powerful Reiki healing energy, conduct Reiki Placements, Ignitions and Experiences and lead group Reiki workshops both in-person and online.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is suitable for:

  • Beginners with little or no experience or training in Reiki
  • Students who have taken Reiki more than a year ago in any style
  • Students who have taken Usui or other style of Reiki and want to upgrade to Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki system
  • Students who want to learn how to send Reiki remotely to others e.g. over the phone or online
  • Students who want to become a Reiki Master and practice Reiki, and conduct sessions, Placements, Ignitions and Experiences

Course Outline and Topics

Level 1 – Beginner

In this class, you will receive Level 1 Reiki Placement. You will also receive Ocean of Holy Love Experience and learn about:

  • Introduction and a brief history of Reiki including Usui, Holy Fire® and World Peace Reiki
  • Original Reiki Ideals by Mikao Usui Sensei
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques (JRT)
  • The three pillars of Reiki
  • Gassho – meditation invoke Reiki
  • Reiji-ho – tuning into your intuition
  • Chiryo – intuitive treatment
  • Byosen – scanning for Byosen or “disease line” in aura, chakras and physical body with your non-dominant hand
  • Self-scanning
  • Koki-ho – channeling Reiki through breath
  • Kenyoku – “dry bathing” for self protection
  • Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho – cutting negative energy cords
  • Smudging technique for energy clearing
  • Hand positions for self-treatment
  • Hand positions for treating others in person (applicable only for in person classes)
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Giving a complete Reiki session to yourself
  • Giving a complete Reiki session to others in person (applicable only for in person classes)
  • Techniques to enhance your session
  • Protecting yourself from client’s energy (applicable only for in person classes)

Level 2 – Intermediate

In this class, you will receive Level 2 Reiki Placement. You will also receive Holy Love experience and learn about:

  • Reiki II symbols including how to activate and use them:
    • Power symbol “by imperial decree”
    • Mental/Emotional symbol “love and harmony”
    • Distant symbol “the origin of all is pure consciousness”
  • Using Reiki II symbols to empower goals, help with unwanted habits and perform distant sessions
  • Beaming technique
  • Gyoshi ho (sending Reiki through eyes)
  • Enkaku chiryo (sending distant Reiki)
  • Teddy Bear Technique
  • Hand positions for treating others

Learning Outcomes

  • Channeling more powerful Reiki vibration than Level 1
  • Giving a complete Reiki session remotely
  • Giving a complete Reiki session to others in person
  • Using Reiki II symbols

Level 3 – Master

In This Class, You Will Have Following Ceremonies:

  • Four Master Ignitions Including the World Peace Ignition
  • Healing In the River of Peace Experience
  • Master Practitioner Placement
  • Holy Fire® Healing Experience
  • Healing Spirit Attachments
  • Holy Love Experience

You Will Learn About:

  • Usui Reiki Master Symbol and How to Activate and Use It
  • Holy Fire® Symbol and How to Activate and Use It
  • Definition Of the Soul, Spirit and The Heavens
  • Values And Spiritual Orientation of a Reiki Master
  • Healing Religious Trauma
  • The Brothers and Sisters of The Light
  • Unification Consciousness
  • The Spirit of The Earth
  • How Placements, Ignitions and Experiences Work In Holy Fire®
  • Concept Of Authentic Self, Culturally Created Self and Dormant Self
  • Gentle And Safe Spirit Release Process
  • How To Use A Single Crystal With Reiki
  • How To Make A Reiki Peace Crystal Grid To Continuously Send Reiki To Yourself And Others
  • How To Give A Reiki Talk And Lead A Group Reiki Experience Both In Person And Online
  • Anatomy For Reiki
  • Code Of Ethics and Standards of Practice

You will also learn two powerful reiki meditations which have the ability to cleanse, refine and uplift your consciousness and help bring necessary energies to improve your wellbeing and/or support you in challenging times:

  • Holy Fire® Meditation
  • Reiki Moving Meditation

Learning Outcomes

  • Channeling Master level Reiki for yourself and others both in person and online
  • Conduct Placements, Ignitions and Experiences both in person and online
  • Give a Reiki talk and conduct group Reiki Experiences both in person and online
  • Using Usui Master and Holy Fire® symbols

Please note: After taking this Master level Reiki class you will receive the necessary Master level energy to teach Reiki to others. However, if you are a new Reiki Master and you wish to learn, practice and gain experience and confidence before teaching classes on your own, please sign up for our supervised hands-on Reiki Teacher Apprenticeship Training Program.

Quiz And Practical Skills Assessment

There will be a quiz including the symbols and a practical skills assessment at the end of each level.

Certification Requirement

70% passing grade in each quiz and practical sills assessment

Homework And Assignment

At least 20 minutes of self-Reiki for 40 days post class and three in person or online 45-minutes Reiki sessions to friends/family over next six months are recommended to integrate your energy at the Reiki Master level.




  • Basic English comprehension
  • 16 years of age

Student Information

Course Cost
Pricing: $349.65$1,632.75

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