Pre & Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course

Learn How to Train Pre & Post Natal Clients

Each year, millions of people enter the ultimate athletic event of pregnancy. It is a journey that taxes the human body in an unique way. However, we don’t often approach training for it like we do other major athletic events like a marathon or triathlon. This can leave those navigating it woefully unprepared to manage the stresses placed on their bodies.

When you enroll in the Pre & Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course, you will learn how to utilize an evidence-based training system to help your clients thrive during pregnancy, confidently prepare for birth, and not only recover — but emerge stronger than ever.

This Pre & Post Natal Performance Training Specialist Course course combines the very latest research with input from thought leaders across a variety of healthcare disciplines. The course materials are updated every 1-2 years to reflect new research and participant feedback.

The course is 18-modules (approximately 30-35 hour) and is completed online.

Course Contents:

  1. Evolution of Childbirth
  2. Rationale for a performance training approach
  3. The demands of pregnancy
  4. The demands child birth and early childhood
  5. Pre natal programming
  6. Pre natal programming framework
  7. Assessing the pregnant client Part 1
  8. Assessing the pregnant client Part 2
  9. Managing pregnancy pains
  10. Pre natal program design
  11. Pregnancy weight gain and nutrition
  12. Pregnancy psychological changes
  13. Postpartum Recovery – physical considerations
  14. Postpartum Recovery – psychological changes
  15. Post Partum Programming framework overview
  16. Post Partum Programming framework stages 2 & 3
  17. Assessing the post partum client
  18. Post partum program design
  19. Course Completion- Final exams 



  • Certified Personal Trainer


Student Information

ACE: 3.6

ACSM: 36


ISSA: 20

NASM: 1.9

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