Build Your Online Fitness Business

Start Your Online Fitness Business

Build Your Online Fitness Business

If You’ve Been Dreaming Of Starting Up Your Online Business, So That You Can Work From Home, Teaching & Doing What You Love Then You Are In The Right Place!

As a personal trainer, fitness professional, yoga teacher, wellness coach…. you can make an impact on thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people all around the world! There has never been such a great opportunity as there is now, for health, wellness and fitness entrepreneurs to create their online business! With today’s technology, systems, and platforms, you can literally have clients from all over the world and with everything that’s happening right now in the world, your future customers need you more than ever! This is your chance to get out of your own way with your fear of going online, step up, take action and build your online business!

Let’s face it. These are trying times. With self-isolation, so many people are beyond stressed. They’re facing anxiety, depression, loneliness and fear.

You could be that spark that helps them get through these tough days ahead. The workout you provide them with is not just a workout. It helps them literally get through the day. I don’t need to tell you this. You already know that your future customers need you more now than ever. Frankly, if you don’t step up and provide them with the solutions they are looking for, they WILL find someone else to help them.
So my friend, here is your unique opportunity to create your own business that does not rely on working at a gym or studio! With your online business, you can work now from the comfort of your own home while staying safe and healthy!

Course Overview:

The program is taught to you over 6-weeks (45-days), and each day you will unlock a new lesson. Each lesson has daily, simple, actionable steps that you follow.
At the end of the 6-weeks, you will have created your online fitness business, plus a course or program that your clients are excited about! Imagine, in 45-days from today, you could be selling your first online program.

Four Phases

Phase 1 – Plan Your Success:

  • Self-discovery journey (about you, your business & your brand)
  • Discover your Why
  • Discover who your perfect target audience is
  • Create your tag line, mission statement, vision statement & USP
  • Name your business

Phase 2 – Get to Work:

  • Create your own gorgeous personal brand
    Learn which tools to use to create branded graphics
  • Create your logo
  • Create your own beautiful & professional-looking marketing materials
  • Create your social media bio, profile picture & cover image

Phase 3 – Stick to it:

  • Create Your Online Training Program Outline
  • Create Your Online Course
  • Create Your Sales Page & Pricing
  • Setup Your Backend Pages
  • Test, Test, Test!

Phase 4 – Reach Your Goal:

  • Get ready to launch your course
  • Grow your community

Get Online in 6 Weeks!

Instructor Nash will teach you how to start your own online fitness platform without your own website! You’ll learn how to create your online business and create your first program.

What you get:

  • A 6-Week Program
  • Your hands-on fast track program starts the day you join
  • Register today and get ready to build something amazing

Graduation Bonuses
Once you’ve completed the program, you will unlock 4 awesome bonuses that will speed up your progress.

Your Investment
1 payment of $397 + Tax or 2 payments of $219 + Tax (billed 30-days apart)


Nash Cajee is an entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher, and online educator. She teaches health, wellness and fitness influencers how to create and build their own global empire online. She helps transform her students and clients from employees to influential industry-leading business owners who generate 5 and 6-figure revenues online within a short period. She is the creator of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, Inc and Beach Yoga & Wellness, Inc. She was a Lululemon ambassador and has been featured in prominent media like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Alive Magazine



  • Certified Personal Trainer or
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor or
  • Certified Yoga Instructor or
  • Certified in another fitness related domain or
  • Completing a course to become a Personal Trainer

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