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Defend Against Assault

Personal Safety – Empower Yourself

Assault cases continue to grow in the Greater Vancouver area of which 90% plus go unreported.  Whether its racially biased, mentally challenge related or any other reason, Personal Safety is on everyone’s mind these days. Self protection and having a sense of security is important and a priority for everyone.  This Personal Safety program is derived from Israeli Self Defense and  is one of the world’s best Personal Safety and Self Empowering program.  It will teach you how to understand and manage fear as well as how to process it and utilize it to your advantage.

This program was designed with the mindset that anyone regardless of their physical shape, gender, age or size can use these techniques to protect themselves.

All tactics in this program is based on a persons’ natural ability to respond and react.  You will learn how to control and use your emotions and intuitive instincts to protect yourself.  You will learn the importance of situational awareness and how to reduce the risk of being a target.  Empowerment comes from education and techniques combined.

This system relies on your survival instinct.  Disengaging from a threat and going home safe to loved ones is the priority.  This seminar will teach you how to use your body as a tool as well as provide the skillset and techniques necessary to disengage from a threatening scenario.

Krav Maga Force F.I.R.E. Advocated by Co-Founder and Chief Instructor Laurian Lapadatu of Krav Maga Force is a combination of principles and concepts designed by women for women’s personal safety.

In Part One, you will learn:

  • Key Safety Tips, Coopers Color Code
  • Awareness & Sensory Drills
  • Striking
  • Defense against basic common assault scenarios such as wrist grabs, hair grabs, front and back chokes, and bear hugs.

In Part Two (Part 1 must be completed prior to participating in Part 2).

There will be a continuation of striking drills, disorientation and stress drills and defense against more complex assault scenarios including rear naked chokes, hook chokes, guillotine chokes, assaults on the ground in a guard position and mount position, and side chokes on the ground etc.

Knowing and learning how to stay safe should be the priority for everyone.  Having the tools and skill set to accomplish this is empowering, valuable and could be a game changer.

BCRPA CEC’s Offered

  • 2 CEC’s for Part 1
  • 2 CEC’s for Part 2
  • Total 4 CEC’s for both Part 1&2

Please come equipped to train in proper training gear, t shirt, pants, paper and pen, water, snacks/lunch, hair tied up, no jewelry.


Course Dates:

For any questions regarding course dates, please contact Admissions.

Nov 26, 2023 - Nov 26, 2023
Part 1 10am-12pm
Infofit Vancouver
Nov 26, 2023 - Nov 26, 2023
Part 2 12pm-2pm
Infofit Vancouver



  • Anyone and any gender can attend
  • For CEC’s you will need to be registered with BCRPA

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Pricing: $114.45$208.95

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