Microcurrent Therapy for Chronic Pain Control and Healing

heal injured tissue

Introducing Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FMS)

Infofit now offers the latest release of the most advanced microcurrent therapy system, the Myopulse 75T, which utilizes Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FMS) for chronic pain control, trauma rehabilitation, accelerated healing, anti-aging, and improved athletic performance. Microcurrent is an effective and safe electro-therapy device that stimulates cell regeneration and successfully heals injured tissue by introducing a harmless, low voltage microcurrent through it.

How Microcurrent Works

Microcurrent therapy involves passing a low frequency, low intensity electrical impulse into the injured tissue. Myopulse 75T, the latest intelligent biofeedback controlled microcurrent therapy system, measures the skin’s resistance, internal and external cell resistance, depth of the tissue, and polarity of the body’s cells to regulate the waveform microcurrent output for the best treatment. Injured cells have an imbalance in their electrical charge, creating an excess of positive ions that cause pain, swelling, scarring, and more. Myopulse resets this electrical imbalance, nurturing the tissue to heal quickly.

Who and What Microcurrent is Used For

Microcurrent therapy can help individuals suffering from chronic pain resulting from various causes such as motor vehicle or sports injury, muscle strains, ligament sprains, bone fractures, headaches, surgery, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, scarring, poor lymphatic drainage, infections, neuromuscular and neurological disorders, trigger points, adhesions, and undetermined pain patterns. Emotionally, it can also calm the nervous system and help with symptoms related to stress, depression, and anxiety, creating a meditative state within 10 minutes. It can help with sleep disorders and be used for craniosacral rebalancing.

Session Time and Pricing

Each microcurrent therapy session lasts for 30 minutes with a cost of $45 for the half hour and $75 for a hour. Ideally, booking 2-3 sessions in the first week is recommended to begin the healing process. Subsequent treatments are accumulative in their effects and the reduction of pain should hold longer with each treatment. Healing time varies for each person, and subsequent sessions should be booked based on how the individual feels.


For further information or to book a consultation, contact Infofit at 604-683-0785 or [email protected]. Try booking 2-30 minute microcurrent sessions for the first week for pain control and healing.



Pricing: $47.25$78.75