Love Your Life - Business Bootcamp

Do you want to create your own business and work from the comfort of your home?

  • Do you LOVE coaching others?
  • Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives with your work?
  • Do you want to grow your following and connect with like-minded people all around the globe?
  • Are you feeling financially capped and need to create additional income streams?
  • Do you like the idea of creating your own courses once and then selling them all year round?
  • Do you want to create digital products, guides, downloadable programs and journals that you can sell over and over again?


Creating an online business will give you the unique opportunity to work from anywhere in the world (in your jammies if you wanted to)! You can create your own courses, programs and even digital products right from the comfort of your living room or your garden.

The best way to get started is with online courses or programs because once you create, record, and automate your program, you can sell it online all year round.  In other words, do the work once… but get paid for it over and over and over again!  Great, or great?

So whether you are lying around on the beach (something I love doing), grabbing lunch with a friend or playing with your babies, you could still be making money!

I don’t know any other career that will allow you to work when you want, from wherever you are, in whatever you want.  I can’t think of any other career that will give you 3-6 months off a year while still bringing in recurring income, do you?

In the “Love Your Life – Business Bootcamp” Program, I will share exactly what you need to know to start, build and grow your business online.

Never has there been such an amazing opportunity as there is now, for health coaches, wellness coaches, life coaches and fitness coaches to create their global empire online!

With today’s technology, systems, and platforms, you can literally have clients from all over the world!

If you are ready to learn how to create your own online coaching business…

… then, I am thrilled to take you through this fun and exciting process.


  • Map Out Your Goals & Expectations
  • Hone In On Your Unique Skills, Experience & Knowledge, And Turn It Into An Online Program/Course
  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Create A Brand You Love
  • Create Your Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Tagline, Unique Selling Proposition and Elevator Pitch
  • Create Stunning Graphics And Marketing Materials
  • Create A Freebie Offer That Your Ideal Customer Will LOVE
  • Create Digital Products That You Can Sell Or Give Away For Free
  • Create Your Online Store
  • Set Up Your Email Marketing
  • Set Up Easy Automations So That Your Programs & Courses Are Delivered To Your Students Without You Having To Do Anything!
  • Set Up Your Payment Plans So Once A Student Buys Your Course, They’ll Get Their First Lesson Right Away (Without You Having To Do Anything) And Their Payments Gets Delivered To Your Bank Account
  • And… More!


Program can be started anytime (Self Study)

Your program will be delivered online, so you can access it any day and time that is convenient for you!  You can login to your member’s dashboard from anywhere in the world (even from the beach), anytime you want!  All you need is high-speed internet access.

Most of the course content is text-based and has loads of screenshots for you to follow along.  Your weekly modules come with worksheets, checklists, action items, mediations and affirmations.  Some of the training modules have pre-recorded videos when it comes to the techie stuff.

As long as your account is in good standing you’ll have access to your program for a year (minimum) and for the lifetime duration of the program.  You’ll also get future updates at no extra cost to you!!

You will also be invited to join our Private Learn With Nash Peer to Peer Support Facebook group once you’ve enrolled.

Each module will be released weekly, so 7 days later you’ll receive Module 2, and then 7 days later, Module 3 will be available, and so on.


Ask questions and get feedback from me! You’ll also get resources like workbooks, worksheets, action items sheets and checklists that I offer my one-on-one private clients.

Peer to Peer Support in our Private Facebook community where you can support each other, ask your questions, get guidance, and get inspiration.

Learn the easy techie skills you need to know to get your courses, programs and membership online!! You’ll learn how to create a site exactly like mine!

Weekly meditations and affirmations to help you gain clarity & focus so that you can build your business with confidence!


Week 1 is all about PLANNING YOUR SUCCESS for your brand and your online business.

You will learn how to identify your strengths, unique skills, knowledge and experience, what type of customers you want to work with and what you would like to create for your first online course/program!

Our goal is to make sure that before we build out your online course, we want you to be crystal clear on what it is you do, who you serve, what your vision and mission are. We will also map out your offerings, online courses and future product ideas.

In week 3, we will create your branding identity kit. You’ll come up with your brand’s unique look and feel, your brand’s colours and fonts, brand elements and style.

Now it’s time to design your brand’s logo. You’ll learn how to which tools (free and paid) you can use to create your own stunning logo, and in case you don’t want to create a logo yourself, I’ll give you my graphic designer’s contact info and he will create your perfect logo with the specifications you provide him with.

In week 5, you will learn how to create gorgeous branded graphics for your business. And then we will create your social media business accounts, brand them up using your newly created graphics, and start building your following.

Week 6 is all about building your program or course. You will get crystal clear on your offering, create your course outline and start creating your first few lessons.

In Week 7, we will also set up your course curriculum, sales pages, pricing and online payments, back end pages, email marketing and more. You’ll learn how to automate your online program so that there will be no extra work for you once students sign up.

And finally, in week 8, we want to test and tweak as we go along. Once your course is completed, and everything works perfectly, it will be time to launch your online program to the world, make some sales, and grow your community!

Program can be started anytime (Self Study)

About Your Instructor:

Nash Cajee is an entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher, and online educator. She teaches health, wellness and fitness influencers how to create and build their own global empire online. She helps transform her students and clients from employees to influential industry-leading business owners who generate 5 and 6-figure revenues online within a short period. She is the creator of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, Inc and Beach Yoga & Wellness, Inc. She was a Lululemon ambassador and has been featured in prominent media like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Alive Magazine




  • Certified Personal Trainer or
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor or
  • Certified Yoga Instructor or
  • Certified in another fitness related domain or
  • Completing a course to become a Personal Trainer

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