Knife Tactical Awareness Workshop

Knife Defense Workshop

Self Protection from a Knife Attack

Learn how to prioritize your personal safety and protect yourself with this Self Protection workshop. Led by certified instructor Jennifer Bajus, this 90-minute workshop will teach you the foundational principles and concepts of protecting yourself from a knife attack. Attendees will learn how to avoid and prevent dangerous situations, as well as gain a deeper understanding of personal security. The workshop is open to everyone, regardless of gender, fitness level or experience. BCRPA registered Fitness Leaders can earn 1.5 CECs for attending. Please note that weapons and knives are not allowed in class and entry may be refused.

Learn knife tactical awareness techniques

Krav Maga Force F.I.R.E. is Advocated by Co-Founder and Chief Instructor Laurian Lapadatu of Krav Maga Force. Krav Maga F.I.R.E is a combination of principles and concepts designed by women for women’s personal safety.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Bajus is a Krav Maga Force F.I.R.E. instructor. UFAF (United Fighting Arts Federation), and FIMA (Federation of Israeli Martial Arts) Black Belt and Personal Safety/Self Defense Instructor. She is also a Krav Maga Force Training Safety Officer (TSO), Krav Maga Force Combat Fitness Instructor, Certified BCRPA Personal Trainer and a TRX Suspension Trainer. Jen continues to practice and improve her skills in Krav Maga, Boxing, and Kickboxing on a regular basis. Her passion and love of martial arts set the path for her to take her skills and apply them in a relevant and meaningful way. She continues to help train and educate people from ages 11-70 years old and is a big advocate in creating awareness for Aprils Sexual Assault Awareness Month by offering community service training. Jen also trains and work with the Women’s Personal Safety Team at The Vancouver Police Department whereby their skill set are congruent with one another. Education and empowerment are priority in every single class and workshop.

Course Dates:

For any questions regarding course dates, please contact Admissions.

Oct 5, 2023 - Oct 5, 2023
In person - Infofit 1687 West Broadway



  • Anyone and any gender can attend
  • For CEC’s you will need to be registered with BCRPA

Student Information


ACSM: 1.5

BCRPA: 1.5

Course Cost
Pricing: $108.15

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