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JrFit™ Youth Fitness Program

JrFit™ Youth Fitness Home Study Program is a 20 hour program. A research-based continuing education for any health and fitness professionals who wishes to focus on youth fitness. This distance education course offers a extremely effective plan to help youth fitness trainers to develop health, boost fitness, and decrease body fat for kids and youth (age 7-17). Trainers will achieve an understanding of safe and effective athletic conditioning, strength and weight training, and nutrition to train youth of all fitness levels from the star youth athlete to the child suffering with obesity and low self esteem.

Approved by all major personal training, sports nutrition and group fitness certification organizations for athletic training.

JrFit™ does not require renewal fees or CECs/CEUs. Instead, it is a CEC/CEU program that is used to renew a core certification.

JrFit™- Course Objective

Overall objective: To instruct already certified and experienced personal trainers so they are able to build upon their existing knowledge and skill to safely and effectively work successfully with youth, and more specifically teach the trainer to:

  • Learn and understand how to direct youth in developing a functional musculoskeletal system for fitness and health.
  • Acquire knowledge of safe and effective exercise prescription; proper training techniques and form; and injury prevention for youth.
  • Understand equipment and exercises for full body fundamental movements; including flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, strength, speed and agility.
  • Be familiar with and be capable of conducting sports specific training/activities; including power, jumping, striking and endurance.
  • Recognize what motivates youth and determine how to create an age friendly environment.
  • Learn dietary requirements for health, weight gain or loss, strength, endurance as well as sports specific nutrition.

JrFit™– Course Materials

Buy your own textbooks– The JrFit Youth Fitness Program™ certificate package includes a workbook and instructions for online testing. The textbooks for the program are Youth Strength Training by Faigenbaum and Westcott; Athletic Fitness for Kids by Lancaster and Teodorescu; and FUEL for YOUNG ATHLETES by Litt (which you purchase separately in your chosen format from Amazon or another bookseller.) Note: The workbook and test instructions for this course are made available for immediate access and download after purchase through AAHF. Nothing is mailed.


Course Dates:

For any questions regarding course dates, please contact Admissions.



  • Certification in personal training, athletic training or group exercise is required

Student Information


ACSM: 20


ISSA: 20

NASM: 1.9

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