How To Build A Web Site for Your Personal Training Business

A Website Creation Course

Designed for Fitness Professionals Who Want to Grow Their Business

If you’re a personal trainer looking to expand your personal training business and reach more clients, this course is the perfect solution! With a focus on step by step education and a hands-on approach, you’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up a website that will help you grow your brand, acquire clients more efficiently, and sell programs online.

A Follow-Along Approach to Website Creation

Our course is designed to be easy to follow, with each step of the process clearly explained through screen-shared videos. You’ll see exactly how to set up your website so that it’s fully functional and ready to help you grow your personal training business. You’ll learn how to:

  • Display content.
  • Sell packages.
  • Receive applications.

Take Your Personal Training Business to the Next Level

By the end of the course, you’ll have a website that’s professional, easy to navigate, and designed to help you succeed. Whether you’re an experienced coach or just starting out, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to take your business to the next level.

So why wait? Enroll now and start building the website of your dreams!

Course Author Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker is an experienced entrepreneur and digital marketing expert based in Vancouver, BC. With a background in Business IT Management and Business Intelligence and Value Management, Stephen has a strong foundation in both technology and business. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

As the owner of, a digital marketing agency, Stephen is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He is passionate about learning and teaching, and is committed to helping others progress further and faster in their careers.

Stephen’s courses are designed to provide value and real-world practical knowledge to students. He believes in the power of education to change lives, and his goal is to help others achieve their career and personal growth goals.

In addition to his course offerings, Stephen maintains a blog filled with free resources for marketing and business education. He encourages his students and followers to take advantage of these resources and continue learning and growing in their careers.



  • Certified Fitness Professional (i.e., Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness or another fitness related certification)

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