Hormone Fitness

Diet & Nutrition & Exercise – Learn how they affect and help regulate hormones. You will learn how nutrients from vitamins, minerals, and amino acids help to control male and female hormones, as well as optimizing thyroid and adrenal hormones to enhance physical and mental performance. Learn from Dr Farnsworth, who has a passion for empowering individuals with the tools and choices for their optimal health.

Create Increased Energy for Your Clients

Dr Farnsworth was one of the first ND’s in Canada to make functional diagnosis and medicine a major part of his practice. Listen to this podcast as he will be reviewing hormone cascades and the co-factors that they use, as well as detoxification methods to maximize cellular “fitness”.  Learn how to achieve balance and create increased energy for your clients that, in turn, maximize their fitness.

Presented By: Dr Kelly Farnsworth, DC, ND


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