Fitness Professional’s Guide

to Coaching Lifestyle Wellness

The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Coaching Lifestyle Wellness TM

Is an online home study continuing education course that presents a coaching approach to assisting clients in achieving personal health and wellness behaviour changes.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain lifestyle wellness coaching and understand what makes coaching effective for increasing your client’s healthy lifestyle behaviours.
  • Discuss the evolution of the coaching profession.
  • Know how to create effective coaching relationships and identify boundaries to the coaching role.
  • Describe the importance of relationship-building in the coaching relationship and explain the components of a solid coaching relationship.
  • Learn the value of questioning in the coaching relationship.
  • Explain the roles of feedback, confrontations, self-disclosure in the coaching relationship.
  • Explain the value of focusing on the process of enhancing awareness and the purposes and processes for utilizing reflections of meaning and interpretations in the coaching relationship.
  • Describe the competency development model and identify the six competencies that clients need.
  • Discuss the importance of action planning, Super SMART goals and goal-setting
  • Explain how the changes generated in coaching for the coach and client are likely to be transformational.

Course Materials

This certificate course with online test includes an eBook version of the 272-page Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, Second Edition by James Gavin and Madeleine Mcbrearty (accessed through Adobe Digital Editions/Blue Fire Reader) and an 82-page workbook provided in PDF format.  Instructions for completing the 100-question multiple-choice online test and obtaining CECs are also included in PDF format.

Please note: This course is completed online; no materials will be mailed.



  • Certified Personal Trainer

Student Information


ACSM: 20


NASM: 1.9

NSCA: 1.1

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