Fitness Assessment for All Ages

Fitness Assessments for All Ages

This e-learning continuing education course is an excellent reference tool for personal training, fitness program planning and progression. The best resource for any health and fitness professional (personal trainers, group fitness leader, health/wellness coaches, nutrition specialists and athletic trainers) who wish to dramatically accelerate their knowledge in fitness assessment and exercise programming for all ages of clients.

Safely and accurately assess:

  • cardiorespiratory fitness
  • muscular fitness
  • balance
  • body composition
  • flexibility

Design safe and effective programs for:

  • resistance training
  • weight management
  • balance
  • body composition
  • flexibility
  • low back care

Course Materials:

This certificate package with online test includes the eBook version of Vivian Heyward’s 480-page book ‘Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription’ 7th Edition and a 90-page workbook provided in PDF format.  Instructions for completing the 100 questions multiple-choice online test and obtaining CECs are also included in PDF format.

Note: This course will e emailed to you for download after purchase. All materials for this online course are sent electronically.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe the importance of physical activity as related to health and chronic disease for individuals of all ages.
  2. Recognize and know the principles of exercise assessment, prescription and program dedication for all ages.
  3. Assess cardio respiratory fitness and design cardio respiratory exercise programs for all ages.
  4. Assess muscular fitness and design resistance training programs for all ages.
  5. Assess body composition and design weight management and body composition programs for all ages.
  6. Assess flexibility and design programs for flexibility and low back care for all ages.
  7. Assess balance for various age groups and design balance programs with the highlight on mature adults.



  • Certified Personal Trainer

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ACSM: 20


ISSA: 20

NASM: 1.9


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