Practicing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as a Fitness Manager

ACE Required Ethics Course

Business Practices for Creating an Inclusive Work Environment 

We believe that everyone should have equal access to fitness programming that positively impacts their lives, and it’s time for action in the fitness industry to ensure inclusivity in all environments. As a fitness manager, director, or health leader with direct reports, you play a crucial role in creating an inclusive industry.

In this video training, led by global Wellness Educator and ACE Pro, Katrina Pilkington, MS, who also studied Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell University, you’ll delve into the importance of refining your understanding of inclusivity, bias, and opinions. By empowering your staff to be more welcoming and open, they can better coach and educate their clientele with mindfulness and an impartial approach.

Katrina will equip you with the tools to understand how to remain equitable, embrace diversity, and foster inclusion to improve health outcomes for marginalized and underserved groups. She’ll also share how to bridge health and fitness with inclusion coaching, so you can help shift the culture of wellness into one that is centered around belonging and accessibility.

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to define how equity, diversity, and inclusion relate to those in the fitness business. You’ll recognize how your own biases as a health or fitness director/manager may impact your ability to lead your staff, and learn how to address these biases. You’ll also learn how to amplify voices in a diverse staff while creating an inclusive working environment, and actively take steps towards creating business practices that prioritize accessibility and fairness.

Join us in this transformative training to promote inclusivity in the fitness industry and empower your staff to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Sign up now to unlock the full potential of your business and make a positive impact on the health and fitness industry.



  • Certified Personal Trainer or Group Fitness

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