Epigenetics – Change Your Genetics Through Diet and Lifestyle

Epigenetics – Change Your Genetics Through Diet and Lifestyle

Join Nutritionist Sidney Shindle for this important webinar on Epigenetics. Sidney will explain the basics of how diet and exercise can change how our genes operate.

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads the DNA sequence.

You will learn how epigenetic changes can affect your genes – which genes are “turned on” and which genes are “turned off” by your diet, nutritional intake, and lifestyle choices.

During this webinar you will learn how to set your personal genetics, and the genetics of your clients, up for success through dietary and lifestyle interventions. You will learn why your genes are not always set in stone.

This talk will also leave you with tools you can put into practice with your clients right away.

Don’t miss out on this interesting and informative lecture!



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