Cancer and the Mature Adult Online CEC Course

Cancer – Learn and Recognize the Risk Factors

Cancer and the Older Adult™, is an online,  home study, continuing education course that is the perfect resource for fitness professionals and personal trainers wanting to competently work with mature adults who have had a cancer event.

A valuable continuing education program

  • recognize cancer’s risk factors
  • prevention strategies associated with lifestyle
  • resources related to risk, disease stages and treatment
  • research-based strategies to avoid and address cancer
  • workouts for survivors
  • detailed and precise recommendations addressing exercise and lymphedema
  • nutritional plans for survivors
  • specialized diet and exercise recommendations for living fruitfully after surviving different cancers
  • recipes for attaining an advantageous amount of fruits and proteins via shakes and smoothies.

After purchase, this course is available for download. It is a valuable continuing education program for any fitness professional.

Course Materials:

This certificate course with an online test includes a 64-page manual and 40-page workbook in digital PDF format. Included are instructions for completing the 30 questions multiple-choice online test and on obtaining CECs. Note: All materials for this course are received digitally, so no content will be mailed.

Course Objectives:

1. Describe and clarify what cancer is and how it can progress.
2. Recognize lifestyle factors that may fuel the risk of developing the disease.
3. Explain how diet, weight and exercise influence the lifespan and condition of the survivor.
4. Provide clear diet and exercise recommendations for survivors of different cancers.



  • Certified Personal Trainer

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NASM: .4

NSCA: .4

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