Bootcamp Workshop

Learn how to develop Bootcamp Classes

This 5 hour online workshop will help you advance and build your boot-cBody Blueprint Bootcampamp business, showing you the proven turn-key tactics to develop and expand your boot-camp business. It will teach the Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor how to instruct safe, fun and effective boot camp classes

This boot camp workshop includes:

  • History of bootcamp (military, correctional and fitness)
  • Fitness bootcamp – what is involved, how to teach it.
  • Types of boot camp & out door fitness classes
  • Getting a business license/Registering a name- keeping it legal
  • Parks rental & licenses
  • Medical waivers, Legalities, Keeping your clients safe
  • Goal setting for you & your clients
  • Fitness Evaluations & testing
  • Lesson planning – how to put a class together
  • Interval training, Resistance training, Circuit classes
  • Equipment – what to buy, how to make your own.
  • Putting it all together

and much more…



  • Certified Personal Trainer or
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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Pricing: $109.15

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