Back Pain Webinar

Testing & Correcting Muscle Imbalances

Do you or your clients suffer from back pain?  If so, it could be due to muscle imbalances around your lumbar spine and hips.

Back problems are among the most common chronic conditions in Canada. Four out of five adults will experience at least one episode of back pain at some time in their lives, although the occurrence is most often between the ages of 30 and 50.

The cause of back pain, however, is not always apparent; in fact, in approximately 85% to 90% of individuals with back pain, no specific cause can be identified. Contributing factors include poor muscle tone, especially in the back and abdominal muscles; sedentary lifestyle; obesity; smoking; poor posture; and in particular, improper or heavy lifting.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The muscular imbalances of the lumbar spine and hips related to back pain
  • The key tests to help you determine if core muscle imbalances are likely to be causing the back pain
  • Safe and effective exercise protocols for relieving back pain
  • Recognize when a client is able to advance to the next level
  • Know when to refer to a health care professional

Join Andre Noel Potvin, MSc, for this very relevant and informative webinar.




  • Certified Fitness Professional (i.e. Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness or another fitness related certification)

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