ACE Weight Management Specialist

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Multi-dimensional Approach

What does struggling with overweight or obesity feel like? What thoughts occupy the minds of individuals trying to manage their weight? Each client is multi-dimensional, and it’s important your approach to weight management is, too. As an ACE Weight Management Specialist, you will learn to coach with empathy and develop skills to support your clients’ goals, leading them to meaningful change.

The ACE Weight Management Specialist Program will best prepare you to connect with those in need, building strong relationships based on trust so you can effectively train, motivate and support your clients through unique and personal journeys.

Career Opportunity

The ACE Weight Management Specialist Program is designed for certified exercise professionals and health coaches, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, medical assistants, community leaders and members of the allied health team.

Learning Outcomes

With the ACE Weight Management Specialist Program, you will learn:

The science behind obesity
Gain an understanding of the physiological impact that a high body mass index can have on the body’s systems.

Recognizing weight bias
Discover why using “people first” language is especially important when working with clients affected by obesity.

Communicating with empathy
Learn the BRIDGE method to help facilitate a collaborative, empowering client-trainer relationship.

Behaviour change coaching skills
Develop key strategies and hands-on, practical skills necessary to lead diverse clients and patients to sustainable, healthy change.

Application of nutritional guidelines
Learn meaningful behaviour change techniques to help you support your clients in healthier food choices and how to immediately implement them into your practice.

Creating positive exercise experiences
Learn how to connect with and understand your clients to build an exercise experience they will look forward to, especially considering possible past negative associations with physical activity.

Strategies to prevent the onset of pediatric obesity
Learn how to inspire healthy behaviours early on, leading to healthier lives in adulthood.

Collaborating with medical professionals
Learn how to work with various medical and allied health sub-specialties to most effectively guide clients to sustainable weight management.

Preparing clients for bariatric surgery
Learn how to provide necessary support before their procedure and how to create life-long lasting behaviour change after surgery, while they are navigating a myriad of unique post-surgical side effects.



  • Certified Personal Trainer

Student Information

ACE: 2.5

ACSM: 25


NASM: 1.9

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