ACE Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist

Help your clients achieve longevity, independence and happiness through functional movement.

As a Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist, you’ll help active agers gain the strength, confidence and ability to mentally and physically thrive.

As a health and fitness professional, you have most likely worked with active agers at some point in your career—and you also probably know that the methodologies and programming you implement with younger clientele is not always optimal for those over 55 years old. Despite an exploding population of active agers, very few health and fitness professionals are qualified to safely and effectively work with clients over age 55. Consistent exercise through all phases of life is crucial to maintaining health, well-being and independence. As a Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist, you’ll help older clients thrive both physically and mentally—and give them the freedom to live life to the fullest.

What’s in the curriculum?

The Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist is a comprehensive course for group exercise instructors who want to become experts in functional aging and training older adults. You will receive in-depth instruction on functional training strategies and movements, learn how to create and develop effective group exercise programs and develop the critical skills required to be an effective group exercise professional with aging adults.

How do I become a Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist?

This program consists of three lessons for a total of 13 modules. You must pass a 30-question examination after each lesson with a score of 80% or higher. Upon successful completion of all lessons, you will be recognized as a Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist by the Functional Aging Institute (FAI).

In addition, you will be added to the FAI’s certified professional map, where potential clients can find a FAI certified trainer in their area. Please note: This specialist program has a renewal period of two years. To renew, you must report 20 CEUs to FAI and pay a renewal fee of $49.

Course Outline

Lesson 1

In this lesson, we’ll explore a global perspective on active aging and look at some common myths associated with this population. You will learn about the hierarchy of physical function, the Nagi Model of Disablement and the multiple factors for human function. Finally, we will examine several functional fitness assessment tools and discuss which are appropriate for which populations.

  • Understanding mature adults
  • Applied physiology of aging
  • Functional aging and exercise

Lesson 2

This lesson is focused on the seven principles, four cornerstones, and two pillars of the Functional Aging Training Model. You’ll also explore the functional training basics of three-dimensional training and learn how biomechanics impacts the training of active agers.

  • The Functional Aging Training Model
  • Functional training basics
  • Basic functional aging training techniques (Parts 1 & 2)

Lesson 3

In Lesson 3 we’ll discuss functional movement patterns and various levels of progression and regression. We will also look at large group teaching techniques and strategies. Finally, we will work on program design to maximize outcomes across a large group format.

  • Functional aging progressions and regressions
  • Class content and teaching guidelines
  • Functional aging training program design
  • Small and large group training strategies
  • Safety and monitoring for mature clients



  • Certified Personal Trainer

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