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Article by Infofit

Body Weight Strength Training is #1

Fitness professionals claims body weight strength training or calisthenics to be the #1 fitness trend.

Body Weight Strength Training or Calisthenics the #1 Fitness trend

It’s official, The American College of Sports Medicine 2015 annual fitness trend survey of fitness professionals claims body weight strength training or calisthenics to be the #1 fitness trend. But what makes calisthenics so hot? And how is it possible to call something a trend that has been around since ancient Greece times? Here are a few reasons why is experiencing such a comeback, and why you should consider incorporating it into your workouts.

No Gym or Equipment Needed

The beauty of calisthenics is that you can perform it anywhere, anytime. There is no need for any special equipment and it can be done in your home, hotel room or at a park. Simply put, bodyweight strength training is by far the most accessible form of exercise globally!

Calisthenics is Safe

The injury risk with body weight strength training is significantly lower than training with free weights. Many of the advanced calisthenics moves can be every bit as challenging as a heavy bench press or deadlift, without the added risk of having a bar stuck on your chest or “throwing your back” out if you fail.

Strengthening by Mastering

In calisthenics, progress is made by challenging oneself with more difficult movements. For example, a beginner can begin with a wall push up, move on to a kneeling push-up, continue to a full push-up, and eventually progress to a single arm push-up. Mastering each new level of difficulty enhances your self-confidence, improves your technique and your fitness level.

Bodyweight Camaraderie

In a group fitness setting, body weight strength fitness trainers and enthusiasts inspire and support one another as they challenge each other to push to the next level.  This positive environment is contagious and motivating, allowing them to explore their limits and grow in body and spirit.  This camaraderie can also set the stage for creating fun, social and competitive events such as bootcamp, “meet-ups” and outdoor fitness tournaments.

Calisthenics is an inexpensive, fantastic way of challenging yourself; I encourage you to incorporate it into your exercise program today.