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Article by Infofit

Athletic Performance on the Vegan Diet

Be on top of protein intake for vegans

Ever Wonder How Vegan Athletes Do Among Meat Eaters?

The American Council of Exercise, ACE fitness certification, advises athletes  do fine as a vegan. It is known that some can be low on creatine. Creatine is a nutrient found only from meat. It improves intense exercise training but experts claim supplementation isn’t necessary.

Enough Protein Intake on a Vegan Diet

There is a common myth that someone who is in training is unable to get enough protein intake on a vegan diet. The best way in a plant-based diet is with grains, nuts, and beans. A great product to use is called Vega Sport Performance Optimizer, a sports drink designed to be taken before and during workouts.  If you’re familiar with Brendan Brazier’s nutrition & training philosophies, then you can be sure that it’s made from only the highest-quality ingredients.

The main issue that of the vegan diet is a possible vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is found only in meat; B12 is important for it affects red blood cell production. But many cereals and soy milks are fortified with B12 now, or found in supplements.

Protein Intake For Vegans

vegan dietIt is important  to be on top with protein intake for vegans and know that handful of nuts in your salad will not cut it. Women require daily 60 to 90 grams of protein, and expect athletes have 90 grams or more. Studies have found that is best to eat daily a combination of protein from various sources.