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Article by Portia Phelps

Andre Potvin on EdUp Canada Podcast

Andre Potvin, shares his insights on the EdUp Canada podcast. Discover the transformative power of fitness education, the importance of practical training, and the bright job outlook for certified fitness instructors.

Passion: The Heart of a Fitness Career

We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Andre Potvin, founder of Infofit Fitness Career College, was recently featured on the EdUp Canada podcast. In this engaging episode, hosted by Michael Sangster CEO of the National Association of Career Colleges , Andre delves into the transformative power of fitness education and shares his journey, insights, and expertise with listeners.

Andre’s journey into the fitness industry is a testament to the power of passion. He started with a diverse career background and eventually found his true calling in fitness education. During the podcast, Andre emphasizes that a genuine love for fitness and helping others is essential for success in this field. This passion not only drives personal fulfillment but also inspires and motivates students at Infofit to excel and create positive change in their communities.

The Importance of Practical Training

A key topic of discussion is the critical role of practical training in fitness education. Andre explains how hands-on experience is vital for developing the necessary skills and confidence to become an effective fitness professional. At Infofit, we prioritize practical training to ensure our students are well-prepared to meet the industry’s demands. This approach equips them with both technical knowledge and the critical thinking abilities needed for real-world scenarios.

A Bright Future for Certified Fitness Instructors

The fitness industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for certified fitness instructors is on the rise. Andre and Michael discuss the positive job outlook for those entering this field, highlighting the diverse and rewarding career opportunities available. From personal training to group fitness classes and specialized coaching, the paths are numerous. Andre’s insights into the current job market provide a hopeful perspective for anyone considering a career in fitness.

Andre’s Journey and the Power of Mentorship

Andre’s personal journey from exploring various professions to dedicating his life to fitness education is both inspiring and motivational. He shares how mentors have significantly impacted his growth, providing guidance, support, and inspiration throughout his career. This segment of the podcast highlights the value of mentorship and encourages aspiring fitness professionals to seek out and embrace these opportunities.

Fitness is more than just a career—it’s a lifestyle. Throughout the episode, Andre and Michael discuss the importance of incorporating fitness into everyday life. Regular physical activity offers numerous health benefits, including improved mental health, increased energy levels, and a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Andre advocates for a holistic approach to fitness, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle for overall well-being.

Bridging the Gap in Fitness Education

One of the challenges in the fitness education industry is the gap between the demand for and supply of trained fitness professionals. Andre explains how Infofit is addressing this challenge by offering comprehensive training programs that are both accessible and affordable. By bridging this gap, we are helping to meet the industry’s needs while providing individuals with the opportunity to embark on fulfilling and impactful careers.

We are proud of Andre’s and Infofit’s contributions to the fitness education industry by inspiring future fitness professionals. We invite you to listen to the full episode to gain valuable insights and be inspired by the potential of a career in fitness education.