Accept Credit Cards

and Virtual Payments
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Are you planning on starting your own fitness business? Have you given thought as to how you plan to be paid for your services? Cash, debit, or credit cards? Did you know, since the Covid 19 pandemic, people have been using less cash (some say due to reducing contact with germs) and more debit and credit cards to make their payments for fitness sessions. Will you be ready?

Infofit is pleased to be affiliating with Global Payments to offer our grads and alumni an opportunity to accept payments, whether through credit cards, debit cards or even virtually, in your new or existing personal training business.

A business needs to be able to accept debit and credit card payments to grow. Are you aware that it can be very challenging for a new business to be approved for credit card and debit payments? Infofit has made it easy for you by partnering with Global Payments, the same payment processing company Infofit uses.

Who are Global Payments?
Global Payments has the payment solutions and expertise to support your business in every step of the way. They make payments simple, so you can focus on what matters the most—your customers, as they’re the most complete, end-to-end payments ecosystem in the world that you can depend on now, and in the future. With Global Payments you can accept payments anywhere—online, mobile, in-person, in-app, and onsite, through all major debit and credit payment types, including digital wallets.

Want To Start Accepting Payments From Your Customers, Seamlessly?
The rates are very competitive, so even if you are already accepting debit and credit cards, Global Payments will provide you with a quote and chances are that the rates are much lower than what you are currently paying.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact the Infofit office at [email protected] or 604-683-0785